Kahuna Surfer

A one-of-a-kind surfing video game for the iPhone and Android devices that gives everyone a chance to catch a wave.

The game combines the principles of surfing with the simplicity of a video game to give the user a fun glimpse into the experience of surfing. The only thing better would be to actually get out there and get wet! With Kahuna Surfer, the ocean is at your fingertips and the conditions are always perfect.

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The Game

The first level of the game is a beach break scenario where Dax (the main character) rides on a mini-Malibu fun board.

This would be the type of break and board that a beginner would start out on. As the game progresses, Dax explores other surf break levels as the story of the Kahuna Surfer develops. There are two other surfboards in the game that can be unlocked: The short board and the classic islander longboard. There is also rumor of a secret tidal bore level called “The Pororoca”.



Version 1.3 update is now Available on Google Play and the Apple App Store!

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